Customised Training Development


Research and experience illustrates the criticality of training being customised to an organisation, their type of operation, and job demands.

For example, a Human Factors training programme for aircraft maintenance may be federally mandated for all personnel working in maintenance organisations.  The training programme recommended by the federal regulator is an “off-the-shelf” package aimed at Aircraft Maintenance Engineers (AME), however the maintenance organisation has no AMEs and is made up of maintenance technicians.  These maintenance technicians only repair and modify aircraft parts sent to them by airlines, etc and to a large degree cannot relate to the programme’s content.  To simply run the programme will do little for the personnel and will fall short of achieving training objectives.

This example illustrates that if training is ‘frozen-in-time’ and not tailored to an organisation, its equipment, its operations, and its members; its membership may not appreciate the relevancy of the training and concepts. Hence, to some degree that training may actually do ‘more harm than good.'  Applicable programme content is essential - if participants cannot conceptualise how to use the information presented in lectures and workshops, then transfer of these concepts to the operational environment will be minimal. 

Dutcher SMS in action. Dutcher SMS use cutting edge research methods and theories of training to deliver top quality training materials which provides maximal utility to our customers.  By putting the science of training into practice, we meet the challenge of training in dynamic environments, whilst maximising the impact of our customers’ investments.

The art and science of training development.  Dutcher SMS' training experts draw on a variety of established techniques to ensure that our approach matches the specific needs of the organisation, its operations, and its membership. The methods we use include:

  • Job analysis

  • Analysis of QA data

  • Occurrence data trend analysis 

  • Structured interviews 

  • Surveys

  • Cognitive Task Analysis

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